Review of The Licorice Daughter

Dear Lyn,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful"The Licorice Daughter". I have loved that horse since she first burst upon the scene in 1974. I have mourned more for her than most people that have died.

Being a writer I tried to capture her remarkable grace and spirit in one of my columns. It was very, very hard to compose, and I never did feel fully satisfied with it. Now I know why—only poetry could ever do her justice. I think too, that not only was she better than Secretariat (whom I also loved), she could have taken on any horse before and after her death and beaten them.

Her death is something I will never get over and I thank you again for the words you wrote for that black girl that transcended all dreams while she lived. I am quite sure there will never be another like her.

Review by Linda Hopkins

Linda Hopkins had a weekly column for several years for "The Enterprise" in Stuart,VA. She has also worked as a reporter.

Last updated: March 24, 2007