The following was received by Lyn as an email in December 2008:

"For the one of papers I had to write I choose your poetry. I'm from Poland, I live here for four years already, but I wasn't familiar with works of American poets before. While working on 'Unsettling America" by Maria Mazziotti and Jennifer Gillan I read "I remember Haifa being lovely but" which touched me deeply. Then another one "Being Jewish in a small town" and couple more I found that made me to explore your work and to find out more about you as a poet and a person.

I love your works and I recommend it to all of my friends. Despite the fact that my English isn't perfect and my vocabulary is limited I try to read as much I can. Personally I don't care for depth of poetic sublimated language and techniques, but it isn't because of my language limitations. (Probably some people will call me ignorant for that.) I always look for touching, clear and memorable stories. Something that would touch me, shock and shake me or move me in any other way. I want something interesting and true, but even if it's fiction it has to be believable. That is what I found in your poetry. I'm glad that I found it.

Thank you Mrs. Lifshin. I'm going to look for more :)

Best wishes

Kamila Burda"